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Adoption Reform


Adoption practice in the U.S. must change.

The thousands of adoptees searching for their birth families, here on the Internet and elsewhere, cannot all be wrong. Open records are one of the many changes needed.

This bumper sticker was designed by Alicia Lanier and members of TxCARE, the Texas Coalition for Adoption Resources and Education. We founded TxCARE in 1996 to work toward reforming adoption laws in Texas. There are many issues to address in our laws here in Texas. Any money raised from these bumper stickers will go to this work. See the TxCARE Web pages at where you may order this bumper sticker, or get one with your membership

At the TxCARE web pages we will continue to keep you up to date on adoption legislation in Texas. That page will have the meeting schedules for TxCARE in the major cities of Texas. Join TxCARE to keep the momentum going!

The major source for information on the progress of open records legislation in the US is the web sight of the American Adoption Congress. This is a powerful location supporting respect and dignity in the adoption process.

The valuable work of Concerned United Birth Parents ( will certainly help in adoption reform. The voices of birth parents are absolutely necessary for reform. A great example is Heather Lowe's  "What you should KNOW if you're considering adoption for your baby", now in a CUB booklet in .pdf form (362Kb).  It is strongly recommended that anyone considering adoption study such document before doing anything, and that all legislators study this form to help them understand the issues of adoption. Our children will be the winners with such investments of our time.

Adoption Agency Reform

There are many wonderful adoption agencies in the US. All of the best are also members of the Child Welfare League of America ( and, consistent with CWLA Adoption Standards, are strong advocates for fully open adoption in all situations unless documented criminal violence makes that impossible, or demand modifications to a fully open adoption. Fortunately such situations are rare.

Consistent with the Statement of Beliefs on open adoption from the Traverse City Open Adoption Conferences, adoption agencies must evolve into a more transparent form of operation.  Detailed financial statements should be freely available to families planning adoption so they may be more comfortable with the fees changed. Exact placement statistics for the preceding years should be available.  In the ideal, someday all this information may be available online at a central web site for all potential adopting family and birth families to study. A trusted and reliable entity, such as the Child Welfare League of America, or the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (NAIC) would be a logical location for such valuable national archives. Such an archive would demonstrate our Nations dedication to vigilance in the care of our children.

While families and children certainly have a right to confidentiality, agencies entrusted with the placement of children have no such right. Our children are our most precious resource as a society. We cannot be too cautious in making certain that their care is never entrusted to an entity that is less than open and honorable about their operation and intentions.  Children must remain as the primary clients. We must be vigilant.

Bill Betzen, LMSW (Emeritus)


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Tapestry Books: Your complete source for adoption related books since 1990.
Tapestry Books: Your complete source for adoption related books since 1990.
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